Expo West 2016 Top Product Finds

Natural Products Expo West, or Expo West, put on by New Hope Network, is the must-visit trade show for the natural food world all year long. Expo West is where I find the newest, hottest, most pantry-changing products for the rest of the year. Most brands choose to launch their new products at Expo West for buyers and distributors, and press gets to tag along and see the whole process happening. For the third year, I was fortunate enough to be part of the Expo West blogging team again – an elite team of bloggers that are tasked to sample the show floor, attend sessions, and soak up as much as they can in 4 days! Stay tuned for posts from me for New Hope!

Natural Products Expo West 2016
Expo West – a food blogger’s Christmas. And Halloween. And Festivus. All into one. I found a bunch of products that I think are going to be very exciting to my readers and the greater gluten-free community (as well as our dairy-free and vegan friends too, lots of finds for you too). While I haven’t had a chance to try ALL of these (because eating something from over 3,000 vendors would make anyone sick, much less someone with a weak stomach), I am familiar with the item from press releases, visiting the booth, and familiarity with the company. Feel free to ask me any questions, but please know that I don’t know when most of these products will come onto market, or have the list of ingredients for some of the pictured items. 

Natural Products Expo West 2016
 From left to right, top to bottom.

Wholesome Sweetener – organic chocolate frosting (V/DF, GF)

Julian Bakery – paleo cheese & crackers (V/DF, GF)

Cappello’s – Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (V/DF, GF)

Daiya – Meatless Pepperoni Pizza (V/DF, GF)

Pamela’s Products – Nut Flour Blend (V/DF, GF)

Enjoy Life Foods – ProBurst top 8 free protein bites (V/DF, GF)

Alpendough – allergy-friendly cookie dough mixes that use Bob’s Red Mill oat flour (V/DF, GF)

Simple Mills – fine ground sea salt crackers (DF, GF)

Coconut Bliss – chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon chocolate fudge – look for it this summer (V/DF, GF)

Follow Your Heart – gluten-free bread line including Brioche, Millet, and Oat (V/DF, GF)

Califia Farms – Matcha Almond Milk and Ginger Almond Milk (with turmeric) (V/DF, GF)

Owl’s Brew – Holiday Cocktail Kit (V/DF, GF)

Nutiva – Coconut Oil Buttery Flavor (V/DF, GF)

NadaMoo! – Pistacho Nut (and other new flavors) (V/DF, GF)

Zema’s Madhouse Foods – Mini Ancient Whole Grains Cookies (top 8 free, GF)

Suja – Elements Spiced Chai Protein (V/DF, GF)

Natural Products Expo West 2016
 From left to right, top to bottom.

Pascha Chocolate – Rice milk chocolate chips (V/DF, top 8 free, GF)

Beanitos – Baked Black & White Bean Skinny Dippers (V/DF, GF)

Bonafide  Provisions – restorative chicken bone broth (DF, GF)

Nutiva – Organic Hazelnut Spread (original and dark) (V/DF, GF)

Gratify Foods – Everything Thins Pretzels  and new Hummus Crackers coming Fall 2016(DF, GF)

Bhakti – Sparkling Tea coming in April (V/DF, GF)

Beanfields – White Bean with Sea Salt  made without corn (V/DF, GF, top 8 free)

Blue Bottle – Cold brew coffee mini cans (V/DF, GF)

GF Harvest – GOPack new packaging for oatmeals (DF, GF)

Viki’s Granola – banana walnut granola (DF, GF)

Hydroflask – food flask

Golden Platter – new characters including Avengers, Winnie The Pooh, and Star Wars. (DF, GF)

Natural Products Expo West 2016
From left to right, top to bottom.

Namaste Foods – new raw goods including rice milk powder, organic varieties of sorghum flour, quinoa flour and more. (V/DF, GF)

Free 2 B (formerly Sun Cups) – new top 8 free chocolate bars including Sunflower Seeds and Dark Chocolate (V/DF, GF)

Chapul – Chapulina High-Protein Cricket Baking Flour (not suitable for shellfish allergies), yes, crickets, including rice flour, sorghum flour, hemp flour, and garbanzo bean flour. (DF, GF)

Cup 4 Cup – dairy-free flours and baking mixes (including vanilla cupcake) (DF, GF)

Back to the Roots – Self-watering planter for organic cherry tomatoes

So Delicious – new cashew frozen dessert flavors: including chocolate cookies and cream (V/DF, GF)

Cappello’s – Naked crust (GF, paleo)

The New Primal – kids’ Snack Mates turkey bites

Dandies – Peppermint marshmallows – coming Holiday 2016 (V/DF, GF, top 8 free)

Mikey’s LLC – Paleo pizza crusts (contains egg) (DF, GF)

Rebbl – Turmeric Golden Milk (DF, GF)

Sir Kensington – Fabanaise made with aquafaba from chickpeas (V/DF, egg-free, GF)

Mikyoko’s Creamery – VeganMozz nut-based mozzarella (V/DF, GF)

KIND – Popped snack bites in dark chocolate

Hilary’s Eat Well – new bites: Mediterranean, broccoli casserole, spicy mesquite (V/DF, GF)

Tolerant Foods – Simply Legumes line made with chickpeas and lentils (V/DF, GF)

But Wait There’s More…

I could seriously post about the new product finds for forever. But I don’t have that much time and you probably don’t have that much patience. However, you’re going to want to know about these launches too!

  • Schar: New pastry crust, reformulated pizzas, and more – you’ll see them in a few months! But until then, enjoy their delicious Artisan Bread!
  • Litehouse: Awesome new product coming out in a few months. Their freeze-dried herbs are so helpful in the kitchen. New dairy greek yogurt based salad dressings launched at the show.
  • Hodgson Mill: New sides that are gluten-free including sorghum, quinoa, and rice
  • Glutino: New crunchy cookies (includes egg and dairy)
  • Van’s: Gramwich snack bar – soft graham crackers with chocolate inside
  • Larabar: Lots of funky new flavors coming your way
  • Way Better Snacks: Nacho flavor “A Nacho Above” (contains dairy)
  • Tree Top: Fruit and Grains squeeze pouches with gluten-free steel cut oats
  • Udi’s: Supreme Pizza (contains dairy, egg)
  • Vega: Vegan “SPORT” protein powder to aid in recovery after exercise
  • Nutiva: Vegan protein powder
  • Voss: New flavors of sparkling water including tangerine and lemongrass
  • Quinn: New non-GMO gluten-free pretzel line made with sorghum (not certified)
  • Wild Zora: Meat and veggie bars that are gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free
  • Dear North: Packaged smoked Alaskan salmon bites
  • Hail Merry: Reduced sugar Mini Miracle tarts in Sweet Potato
  • Among Friends: Whole-grain certified gluten-free pancake mix that uses almond flour
  • Explore Cuisine (formerly Explore Asian): New Pulse Pasta collection includes: Red Lentil Penne, Green Lentil Penne, Chickpea Fusilli, Red Lentil Spaghetti, Chickpea Spaghetti, and Green Lentil Lasagne Sheets.
  • Gaia: Golden Milk mix – made with turmeric, dates and other warming herbs.
  • Hope Foods: Lemon Pepper flavor hummus
  • Tofurky:  Finally a gluten-free vegan pizza from the vegan mega brand
  • Nature’s Path: New Qi’a Superflakes cereal line, flavor extension of kids’ bars (and now officially peanut-free), Twist of Lime organic Que Pasa tortilla chips
  • Ian’s: Gluten-free “tempura” style line – sweet potatoes, green beans and more.
  • Dr. Praeger’s: Rebranding and new veggie burgers
  • Mamma Chia: New “greens” line – a mix of greens and chia

Thanks again to New Hope Network for the best few days of the year – immersed in natural products, feeling right at home!

Natural Products Expo West
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  1. Oh man, so many products I’m excited about! The ones I really can’t wait to try are the new Larabar flavors, the Simple Mills seasalt crackers, free2B, and cup4cup flours and mixes!

  2. Can I say excited about all of them?! But most especially the Hope lemon pepper hummus and the new flavors of Califia’s almond milk

  3. That brioche bread! I didn’t think I would see the day when I could eat brioche again and cannot wait to find it near me!

  4. most excited for Nutiva’s Organic Hazelnut spread, we use Justin’s right now, but it isn’t organic and that always bothers me , so can’t wait for this one.

  5. We’ve definitely got some overlap in our favorites, but not all of them…and I only looked at food–not beauty or body care! My favorites were nut butters and bean-based pastas (both gluten-free, but not suitable for a FODMAPS diet).

  6. Oh my gosh!! So many new things, you weren’t kidding. I guess I’m most looking forward to any new products from Enjoy Life Foods Proburst Bites. Well and looking forward to everything. I wish there was one store that carried all this stuff. I hate having to travel to five different stores looking for things. Thank you for sharing all this with us!!

  7. Wow – so many amazing new things out there! I’d love to try them all, but the thing that caught my eye was the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Cappello’s – YUM!

  8. I would love to find any of those on my store shelves but very unlikely since I live in a small town and the stores don’t carry many gluten free items 🙁

  9. Liked what we saw on your Periscope about Enjoy Life ProBurst top 8 free protein bites and we’re HUGE fans too of Free2Be so we’re looking forward to their top 8 free chocolate bars! We love working with aquafaba so we’re curious about Fabanaise too. With your Periscope videos and this contest, it’s almost like we were there!

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