Healthy Hoo Hoo for #CDAM16

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Healthy HooHoo

Today’s daily sponsor is Healthy Hoohoo. That’s right. Today’s sponsor is NOT a food. It’s not a lipstick. In fact, it’s for your ladyparts. It’s okay, you’re allowed to talk about your ladyparts. Say it with me – vagina, vulva, labia. It’s okay to say these things because we’re adults, and if you’re a woman,… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Make Me Smile

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate Make Me Smile Spread

Happy Monday! We’re continuing with our sponsored week with Pascha Chocolate. As you’ve learned, Pascha Chocolate is really high quality and mighty tasty. We’ve learned about their bars so far (visit HERE to learn more and enter the giveaway), and today we’re talking about their newest product. Did you just smile? I bet you did!… Continue reading »

Simple Kneads Gluten Free Bread #CDAM16

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Simple Kneads

Happy Monday! Today’s sponsor is Simple Kneads! I was introduced to this brand from Pam from I’m a Celiac! This brand makes adorable loaves of bread in North Carolina. Let’s listen to their story! Like many gluten-free companies, Simple Kneads has a story of love behind it. Simple Kneads was started by Tristaun LeClaire, a… Continue reading »

I Heart Keenwah

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah is our next daily sponsor! First of all, thank you to this brand for the play on words. I had a vendor pronounce one of the ingredients in his product as Key-know-ah. No. Keen-wah. Thank you I Heart Keenwah, for making quinoa pronounceable to the mass market. I’ve met Sarah and Natalie… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate

It’s Sunday! Hello! We made it to yet another week! This week is sponsored by Pascha Chocolate, and it only makes me sad. Why? Because I’m stuck in San Diego at Digestive Disease Week eating out of my suitcase and the one thing I didn’t bring is – chocolate! But we’ll still choose to celebrate… Continue reading »

gf Jules award winning gluten-free bread

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor GF Jules

HAPPY WEEKEND! Welcome to Celiac Disease Awareness Month and happy Saturday! Today is brought to you by GF Jules – you know the real Jules! ’m lucky enough to not only consider gF Jules as a personal friend, but also a coworker! She’s an associate editor at Gluten Free and More magazine – where I am… Continue reading »

Fig Prosciutto Pizza with Enjoy Life Foods

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Enjoy Life Foods Fridays Fig Jam Pizza

Welcome to another installment of Enjoy Life Foods‘ Fridays! This Friday we’re talking about PIZZA, because the start of the weekend is always better with pizza. But today we’re making a special pizza with some pretty awesome ingredients. But first, the crust. The Enjoy Life Foods’ pizza crust mix is pretty new, but hopefully you’ve… Continue reading »

Red Apple Lipstick Selfie

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Red Apple Lipstick Red and Pink Lipstick

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and… I believe in miracles. – Audrey Hepburn Today we’re featuring Red Apple Lipstick’s namesake product – LIPSTICK. That’s… Continue reading »

Surf Sweets

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Surf Sweets + TruJoy Sweets

Happy Thursday! Today launches our sponsored Surf Sweets & TruJoy Sweets giveaway on Celiac and the Beast! While May is celiac disease awareness month, I love being able to highlight food-allergy friendly companies as well. Surf Sweets & TruJoy Sweets are great examples of this. Both are owned by TruSweets LLC. And both are allergen… Continue reading »

Munk Pack #CDAM16

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Munk Pack

Welcome to our next daily sponsor, Munk Pack! We’ve worked with Munk Pack before for last year’s month-long celebration! If you don’t know Munk Pack yet, let’s get some introductions in place. This is my friends at Munk Pack. They make gluten-free oat based squeeze packs that are perfect for travel, working out, and epic outdoor… Continue reading »