Gluten Free Dinner at Jewel's Bakery & Cafe in Phoenix, AZ. Photos by Celiac and the Beast

Gluten Free Dinner at Jewel’s Bakery & Cafe in Phoenix, AZ

Jewel’s Bakery & Cafe is an amazing asset to the Phoenix, AZ gluten-free community. We’ve featured them before on and they’re all over our Instagram. I had the pleasure to attend not one, but two, pre-launch events at Jewel’s for their new dinner menu. Each night was awesome, so I totally had no problem going to… Continue reading »

Find Your Freedom with Enjoy Life Foods and Delicious Living

Find Your Freedom From Food Allergies with Enjoy Life Foods

As you know, Enjoy Life Foods is a sponsor of Celiac and the Beast. They recently collaborated with Delicious Living and the people at New Hope, where I am a preferred blogger. It’s always great to see two brands that I love together at last. I just want to frame it and hang it on… Continue reading »

Eat Write Retreat Food Swap

Gluten-Free Food Swaps + Emily Paster’s Book Food Swap

Today we’re talking about “Food Swap” – a new book by Emily Paster all about well…food swapping. However, back when I met Emily the author, I actually was quite unfamiliar with food swaps.  I first heard about food swapping from Emily herself when she was discussing her swaps in the Chicago area. We initially connected at IFBC in… Continue reading »

Gluten Away Kickstarter

Pledge to GlutenAway’s Gluten Free Event Space on Kickstarter

Help us fund the event space for “Sample Saturdays” – themed gluten-free events that focus on sharing new gluten-free products with the community in Tampa, FL! FUND ON KICKSTARTER HERE: FUND ON KICKSTARTER HERE: First – What IS Sample Saturday? What are these events even about?: Themed gluten-free event held once a month in Tampa,… Continue reading »

DIY Mouthwash

DIY Mouthwash Recipe: Naturally Gluten Free Mouthwash

I never really think about mouthwash until I’m traveling and forget it. Then, only then, are you out at a restaurant or event, you feel that garlic creep up from the night before. Or what about that morning breath? Yikes. I’ve used plenty of different mouthwash varieties, but here are my top picks, including a… Continue reading »

#EatFreelyUSA Chicago

#EatFreelyUSA Tour Visits Gluten-Free Chicago

Up next in our monthly installment of #EatFreelyUSA sponsored trips with Enjoy Life Foods, we’re off to Chicago, IL! If you don’t know about #EatFreelyUSA, you can check out the first post about it HER#. To catch you up, Enjoy Life Foods is sending me and Keeley McGuire on a roadtrip across the country! We flew directly… Continue reading »

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Testing

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test Sponsored Review

**This post is sponsored by EverlyWell and Fit Approach. I received a complimentary test for food sensitivities, and additional compensation to write this informational post. This does not affect my following thoughts on the product.** The testing world for food issues is endless and confusing. Before getting tested for celiac, I was tested for numerous… Continue reading »

Mom 2.0 Summit at Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Gluten-Free at Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

I recently had a chance to stay at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in Southern California. It was the host hotel of the Mom 2.0 Summit. I know what you’re asking yourself. No, I am not a mom. However, it’s a great conference and I really love working with the brands that are sponsors at… Continue reading »


Summer Fitness, Fun + Nutrition

**THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS AND LINKS TO PAID PROMOTIONAL POSTS** Summer is upon us. We already have had several record-breaking heat waves in Arizona and it just turned July. Even though it’s skin-melting temperatures outside, I’m still working out and working on my body – but more likely in air conditioned studios and gyms… Continue reading »

#EatFreelyUSA Nashville

#EatFreelyUSA Shows Off Gluten-Free Nashville

We sure did a lot during our #EatFreelyUSA sponsored trip to Nashville. If you don’t know about #EatFreelyUSA, you can check out the first post about it HERE. To catch you up, Enjoy Life Foods is sending me and Keeley McGuire on a roadtrip across the country! Keeley and I have so much to share about… Continue reading »