Conferences & Expos As Told By The Cats

Everyone seems to be writing fun “this is what to expect” posts about conferences, and seeing as how I go to so many, I feel like I have a unique view on it. But throw that out the window, what do my CATS think about it? Picking out items to pack is the hardest part…. Continue reading »

Closed-bore MRI from

MRI Anxiety: Closed-Bore vs. Wide-Bore vs Open MRI

If you’re reading this, you’re either one of my dedicated readers or you’re looking to see how the Hell to get out of a closed MRI because you’re terrified of it. I’m not going to tell you to call the facility up immediately an request anything but a closed-bore MRI, but maybe after you get… Continue reading »

Delicious vanilla hemp milk

Review: Pacific Foods Hemp Milk

I love hemp milk. I especially love Pacific Foods’ hemp milk. There’s no real reason for me to post this – I mean, there’s no giveaway, there’s no real product innovation launch (unless you count the individual servings of hemp milk they launched a few months ago – that I talked about here). I just… Continue reading »

Food Allergy and Celiac Convention Blogger Street Team

Food Allergy And Celiac Convention at Walt Disney World

WHAT It’s the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention at Walt Disney World (also known at FACCWDW)! Yes, it’s time to CELEBRATE AWARE and join your fellow custom eaters for a day of knowledge, sharing, eating, and having fun together! This event is perfect if you have a food restriction, live in Orlando – or can… Continue reading »

GlutenAway Virtual Expo

GlutenAway Virtual Gluten Free Expo Giveaway

Have you been to Taylor’s (GlutenAway) virtual gluten-free expo – The GlutenAway Virtual Expo? If not, visit it now at! If you don’t know about it – you should! In fact you should visit the virtual bookstore and purchase a copy of “Celiac and the Beast” the book now (shameless plug, I know). But seriously,… Continue reading »

Red Apple Lipstick's new gluten-free Mascara

Red Apple Lipstick Gluten Free Mascara

You know that I love Red Apple Lipstick – I write about it all the time. I only wear their eyeshadow and lipstick. I am an addict. Hello, I’m Erica and I’m a Red Apple Lipstick addict. I’ve raved about their lipstick. I’ve gone gaga over their eyeshadows. But now I have something to really… Continue reading »

Courtesy of BuzzFeed -

My Response to BuzzFeed’s 14 Signs You’re Definitely Not Allergic To Gluten Article

Okay, take a moment and check out BuzzFeed’s most recent piece about gluten. I’ll wait right here for your mind to be blown. (Click the photo or click here) WHAT? WHAT WAS THAT?  1) Fat Tire (like the beer) is now producing content for BuzzFeed. That alone is weird. If you’re going to make branded… Continue reading »

Intelligencia Coffee

Freelancer Life: Coffee Shop Etiquette

As some of you know, I’m currently a freelancer. That means that I’m working for several people all at once (or often no one, all at once) and working from home to get my projects done. Every now and then I’ll have an itch to go outside of my daily life with the kids (read:… Continue reading »

Gluten-Free Camping

Gluten Free Camping on

Want to learn about gluten-free camping? See my whole article on!

Gluten Away Virtual Expo

GlutenAway Virtual Gluten Free Expo Starts July 1st!

PRE-REGISTER TODAY Pre-register now to receive special notifications of free product sample kits, major giveaways and drawing of gluten-free products and more!  Plus be entered to win a huge prize pack of gluten-free items worth up to $500 including products from most of our exhibitors. Last Chance to Enter – Pre-register before July 1st (pre-register… Continue reading »