#EatFreelyUSA Nashville

#EatFreelyUSA Shows Off Gluten-Free Nashville

We sure did a lot during our #EatFreelyUSA sponsored trip to Nashville. If you don’t know about #EatFreelyUSA, you can check out the first post about it HERE. To catch you up, Enjoy Life Foods is sending me and Keeley McGuire on a roadtrip across the country! Keeley and I have so much to share about… Continue reading »

Gluten-Free Bakery Tour with My Gluten-Free Kitchen at The Good Cookies

Southern California Gluten-Free Bakery Tour with My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Michelle from My Gluten-Free Kitchen has a knack of finding the best gluten-free bakeries regardless of what city she is in. I’ve now traveled to several cities with her, and she’s definitely in charge of navigation and cupcake-finding on any future getaway. During Mom 2.0, we snuck off and visited some gluten-free bakeries in SoCal!… Continue reading »

Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Booster

Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powders Make You Summer Strong

**This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill with Sweat Pink! Thanks to these two brands for allowing me to try out these new gluten-free and vegan nutritional boosters and talk about them with our community!** We’re all so busy, and the summer is no different. But during the summer in Arizona, I’m especially pressed for… Continue reading »

Mom 2.0 Tanaka Farms with Tree Top

Mom 2.0 Tanaka Farms Visit with Tree Top

I recently had a chance to tour Tanaka Farms in Irvine, CA. This was a sponsored excursion I took with some top bloggers and Tree Top Inc. at the Mom 2.0 2016 conference. Now, I don’t know if you can tell, but I am not a farm girl. I like vegetables. I like eating them. I… Continue reading »

Natural Ways to Feel Energized

Vitamin B12, Come Back, My Body Misses You

I’m struggling again. This time, not with controlling my celiac, and not with my hypermobility disorder (although that’s a constant struggle). I’m struggling with fatigue and energy. Because I’m struggling, I needed to recheck my nutrient deficiencies and once again I found that I am lacking some key nutrients – like vitamin D and vitamin… Continue reading »

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm OIl

Say Yes to Responsible and Sustainable Palm Oil

**This blog post is sponsored by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.** Do you know about palm oil? If you said no, perhaps you should. But don’t worry – read on and you’ll know way more than you started this blog post with! First, know that there… Continue reading »


What Is #EatFreelyUSA?

I’ve got some big news to share. Big enough that it required a video. It’s only three minutes and I think you’ll really like it. So what is #EatFreelyUSA? It’s just two girls, traveling across the country to mysterious destinations, documenting their adventures as they go – seeking adventure and excitement and lots of food… Continue reading »

RW Garcia 3 Seed Crackers

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor RW Garcia 3 Seed Crackers

Today is brought to you by RW Garcia and their 3 seed crackers. We are loving their 3 seed cracker line. We’ve been noming on the sweet potato, kale, and harvest crackers for a while now. However, we’ve never tried the beet line – until today! So I know what you’re thinking – do they… Continue reading »

NIMA at Austin GFFAFest

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Nima Sensor Gluten Detecting Device

Welcome to one of the last posts of Celiac Disease Awareness Month. If you didn’t know, we’re extending this month into June to continue the celebration (because you know that you don’t have celiac just one month out of the year!). Today is brought to you by Nima Sensor. Nima Sensor might be the answer for… Continue reading »

Part of the GFAM team at Austin GFFAFest

#CDAM16 Gluten Free & More Magazine

Being locked out of your own website is embarrassing enough, much less during the busiest month of the year for you. My apologies for my lack of tech savvy to deal with this before a system lock-out. Regardless, I am here and ready to continue the party – even into June (because we know that… Continue reading »