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Gluten is my Nemesis SHIRT for gluten-free kids

Allergy Superheroes Gluten Free Giveaway

Let’s welcome ALLERGY SUPERHEROES to Celiac Disease Awareness Month with Celiac and the Beast. As you know, wheat is a top 8 most-common food allergy. While those with celiac need to avoid wheat and rye and barley, their products include both wheat and gluten! This prize is from Allergy Superheroes, who sells Food Allergy and… Continue reading »

Food Allergy Research & Education Giveaway

Today’s special post is all about FARE:¬†FOOD ALLERGY RESEARCH & EDUCATION. While FARE is all about food allergies (not celiac disease or food intolerances), we’re so similar – we have to be SO focused on our food, and have to educate the community about the importance of what’s in our food, what we eat, and… Continue reading »