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Valentine’s Day with Pascha Chocolate

Who’s a perfect partner for for Valentine’s Day? Pascha Chocolate! I’m all for easy, DIY, ways to show your valentine some love, or to share with others (neighbors, co-workers, etc.). Do I really want to go over the top for this holiday? No way, I’d rather spend the effort cooking a big meal (and probably… Continue reading »

Celiac and the Beast Pascha Chocolate A Very Chocolate Holiday Twitter Party

Pascha Chocolate + Celiac and the Beast TWITTER PARTY

We’re so excited to have our sponsor Pascha Chocolate back for another #CATBApproved Holiday season! We love Pascha Chocolate and their ever-expanding line of allergen-friendly gluten-free chocolate and chocolate-based items – like their new rice milk chocolate and Make Me Smile spread! We can’t wait to party with you during our Very Chocolate Holiday Twitter… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Make Me Smile chocolate fruit spread

Back to School with Pascha Make Me Smile Chocolate Fruit Spread

This post is brought to you by the fine people at Pascha Chocolate and their vegan, gluten-free and food-allergy friendly Make Me Smile Chocolate Fruit Spread – available in stores and online now! Pascha Chocolate is a sponsor of Celiac and the Beast. Have you tried the NEW Make Me Smile chocolate fruit spread from Pascha… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Chips

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate Dark Chocoate Chips

It’s another day in Pascha Chocolate’s sponsored week with Celiac and the Beast! Today we’re talking about dark chocolate chips. More specifically top 8 free Pascha Chocolate dark chocolate chips! They’re available in 55% cacao (blue bag – still considered dark chocolate even though it’s semi-sweet) 85% cacao (purple bag – bittersweet) and the rare… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Make Me Smile

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate Make Me Smile Spread

Happy Monday! We’re continuing with our sponsored week with Pascha Chocolate. As you’ve learned, Pascha Chocolate is really high quality and mighty tasty. We’ve learned about their bars so far (visit HERE to learn more and enter the giveaway), and today we’re talking about their newest product. Did you just smile? I bet you did!… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate

It’s Sunday! Hello! We made it to yet another week! This week is sponsored by Pascha Chocolate, and it only makes me sad. Why? Because I’m stuck in San Diego at Digestive Disease Week eating out of my suitcase and the one thing I didn’t bring is – chocolate! But we’ll still choose to celebrate… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate

#CATBHoliday Pascha Chocolate Sponsored Giveaway

Welcome to the #CATBHoliday Pascha Chocolate sponsored giveaway! Thank you to everyone who attended the Pascha Chocolate Twitter Party and an extra high-five to the two of you that won! I’d love to give you all another chance to win some Pascha Chocolate – because it’s a product I really believe in and hope that… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Twitter Party

#CATBHoliday Pascha Twitter Party November 17th 2015

Welcome to the start of the #CATBHoliday Twitter Party season! We’re kicking it off with Pascha Chocolate! We can’t wait for you to learn more about Pascha Chocolate and we’re giving you a chance to win during the party! RSVP below for the #CATBHoliday Pascha Twitter Party!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pascha Chocolate - now with coffee! Our BFF SImon!

Pascha Chocolate #BackToSchool Giveaway

Celiac and the Beast recently went back to school, CHOCOLATE SCHOOL that is, with Pascha Chocolate, one of our regular sponsors. They recently launched their individually-wrapped mini-bars that are perfect for school lunches, and also for the upcoming Halloween festivities and goodie bags! They’re available in 55%, 70% and 85% cacao individually wrapped mini-bars and… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Pascha Chocolate #CDAM15

Let’s give a big round of applause to our second week’s sponsor – Pascha Chocolate! You may know Pascha Chocolate from food-allergy conferences, which is why they’re doing this week here on Celiac and the Beast. Did you know on top of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, it’s actually Food Allergy Awareness Week! Now, even though… Continue reading »