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Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss Ice Cream Sandwich

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream Sandwich #CDAM17 Giveaway

Let’s welcome Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss to our Celiac and the Beast Celiac Disease Awareness Month! Today we’ll be showing off the Coconut Bliss Sandwich, which is BRAND NEW! This ice cream cookie sandwich is unlike anything on the market right now. This is a premium dessert, worth it weight (and price tag). The… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Rice Milk White Chocolate

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate Vegan Milk Chocolate Chips

When was the last time you had white chocolate…okay, but when was the last time you had dairy-free white chocolate? If you’re like me, probably never. But what about dairy-free white chocolate that is gluten-free, and free from the top 8 allergens and is also organic? Welcome to the magic that is Pascha Chocolate and… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate Chips

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Pascha Chocolate Dark Chocoate Chips

It’s another day in Pascha Chocolate’s sponsored week with Celiac and the Beast! Today we’re talking about dark chocolate chips. More specifically top 8 free Pascha Chocolate dark chocolate chips! They’re available in 55% cacao (blue bag – still considered dark chocolate even though it’s semi-sweet) 85% cacao (purple bag – bittersweet) and the rare… Continue reading »

#CDAM16 Heavenly Organics

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Heavenly Organics

I was first introduced to Heavenly Organics at the Fresh Ideas tent at Natural Products Expo West years ago. Since then, I’ve seen them every year, and I’ve seen them grow! They have an extensive line of honey-based products now and I’m so happy to share their products with you. If you’re a honey fan,… Continue reading »

Shift Con

ShiftCon 2015: Yoga, Organic Hippies and More: Plus a Giveaway

For the past two years, I’ve gone to ShiftCon – which is a summit for those who are eco bloggers. What does that mean? I think everyone is still trying to figure it out, but primarily it’s bloggers that focus on natural, organic, and safe (think non-toxic) products and brands. They also believe in transparency… Continue reading »

Nature's Path

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Nature’s Path Giveaway #CDAM15

Welcome back to Celiac Disease Awareness Month! Today’s sponsor is Nature’s Path! They’re the type of brand that says, “we are a company who wants to do more than just sell breakfast foods.” You can learn more about this passionate brand by visiting their MINIfesto. I absolutely love working with Nature’s Path – a business… Continue reading »

Suja Juice Wassail To You

Suja Juice Wassail To You and Whiskey For Christmas

I finally picked up Suja Juice “Wassail To You” at Whole Foods. You’ll only find this seasonal juice at Whole Foods – as it is a Whole Foods exclusive. If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you – well, you should probably stop reading this because you’re going to get totally sad you can’t… Continue reading »

I'm a ShiftCon Shifter!

ShiftCon 2014 Organic Non-GMO Conference and Giveaway

As you might have seen in my other post, ShiftCon was pretty mind-blowing – and so were the brands that were featured at the conference. It was such an epic event that I’m sure I could probably write a few more posts on it. However, I’ll leave you with a few¬†statements that covers most of… Continue reading »

ShiftCon - Boiron

ShiftCon Brands Making Organic Non-GMO Shifts Happen!

I’m not a hippy. I don’t identify with crunchy granola moms. I’ve never been at a non-GMO protest and I probably never will. I have resisted switching to non-toxic deodorant because I sweat like a marathon runner when I’m emotional. But I am pro-organic anything, pro-eco-friendly products, and I’ve always tried to put good things… Continue reading »

Pure Bar

Celiac Awareness Month Day 18: The Pure Bar

We’re highlighting a few bars from Expo West 2014 from The Pure Bar! We were sent home with tasty samples from Expo West of the Ancient Grains Peanut Butter Chocolate bar and new Cashew Coconut bar from The Pure Bar! We’d like to thank Pure Bar for the yummies, and an extra thanks for providing… Continue reading »