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Go Beyond Celiac

Go Beyond Celiac Digital Community

I was a part of something really magical in 2015, but it took me this long to tell you about it. Why? I couldn’t really share with you all the exciting things NFCA (now Beyond Celiac) had planned until now. Because the people at Beyond Celiac have been hard at work since those meetings in… Continue reading »

Beyond Celiac #CDAM16 Giveaway

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Non-Profit Beyond Celiac

Beyond Celiac, formerly National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), is our next daily sponsor with Celiac and the Beast. It’s so fitting that Beyond Celiac is featured during celiac disease awareness month because of all that they do for celiac disease awareness in the US. I’m honored to be a sponsored blogger with them! Now,… Continue reading »

NFCA Prize Pack

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Celiac Non-Profits #CDAM15

It’s the last day of Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Man, what a crazy month! We’re so excited that you could hang out with us on this month-long journey celebrating YOU! I’m hoping you had a great month! Have you shared about your disease and your specialty diet with others? Have you informed at least one… Continue reading »

Celiac Disease is Serious

Seriously Celiac Disease Campaign with National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY. Celiac disease is a SERIOUS autoimmune disease. But why aren’t we taken seriously? Seriously!?!? Is it because we don’t have a drug (yet)? Is it because the only thing keeping us healthy is a food? Is it because the gluten-free trend is full of fad dieters who don’t have a genetic lifelong autoimmune… Continue reading »

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Celiac Awareness Month Day 6: National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

It’s DAY SIX of Celiac Disease Awareness Month and today’s special guest is the NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CELIAC AWARENESS. They’re an awesome non-profit – but let me have them tell you a little about themselves… Through empowerment, education, advocacy and advancing research, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) drives diagnoses of celiac disease and… Continue reading »

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Back to School Infographic

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness: Back to School!

Dang – that’s a beautiful infographic if I do say so myself. I mean, it almost looks like Non-GFBF made it! Maybe he did…. NFCA is awesome, and if you’re a parent with a gluten-free kid, consider attending their free webinar on Thursday, October 3, 2013: “Kids Central Special: Packing the Gluten-Free Lunchbox,” here.  … Continue reading »

party mac & cheese!

NFCA Gluten Free Summer Block Party with GO Veggie! and Blue Diamond

First, I’d like to thank the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) for being an amazing organization that has really helped me through my first few years of going gluten free with celiac disease. Second, I’d like to thank Blue Diamond (you know, the Nut Thins guys) and Go Veggie! faux cheese for putting on… Continue reading »


Natural Products Expo West RECAP

If you saw the YouTube vlog that Kyra from Crave Bake Shop and I made a few days ago, you probably got a sense of how crazy Expo West was. It’s the biggest convention/expo I’ve ever seen. I’m going to use this¬†analogy¬†to describe how daunting this place was – it was like being asked to… Continue reading »