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Goddess Garden Sunscreen and Sun Repair

Gluten-Free Sunscreen + After Sun Repair with Goddess Garden

Living in Arizona, I’ve had to learn about sunscreen since I was little. Since we’re practically living on the surface of the sun, I’ve also had to learn about skin repair after bad sunburns. We planted aloe plants so I could cut them up and put aloe vera all over my skin. As I grew… Continue reading »

Oatmeal Cherry Breakfast Bars

Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cherry Breakfast Bars

In a gluten-free breakfast rut? Sometimes I’m looking for something other than toast to have for a quick and easy gluten-free breakfast. I love balls and bars and bites for an easy breakfast. I like making things once – on an weekday morning, and having breakfast ready for the following week. These gluten-free oatmeal cherry… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care SOS

Natural Skin Care SOS with Delicious Living

Want to learn about the best natural remedies for for your skin? Find out what natural ingredients are best for four common skin types. I’m always on a quest to find what works best for my skin. I’ve been searching for products that contain products like the ones found in this infographic from Delicious Living…. Continue reading »

Delicious Living Pear and Blackberry Crumble

Gluten Free Peach and Blackberry Crumble

This gluten free peach and blackberry crumble is also vegan! Special thanks to Delicious Living for supplying me with this awesome recipe to share on Celiac and the Beast! I love a good crumble, and this one uses brewed rooibos tea to make this extra special. This crumble is a Delicious Living staff-favorite dessert! It’s so… Continue reading »

Eclair Naturals

Trending: Sea Salt Beauty Products

Salt contains a range of minerals—magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium—lend a multitude of benefits to the skin, hair and lips. Try these easy, DIY beauty remedies to bring flavor to your summer beauty routine from Delicious Living Magazine. Plus, check out some favorite salty natural product picks for the season. FOR YOUR LIPS… “Many of us go… Continue reading »

DIY Mouthwash

DIY Mouthwash Recipe: Naturally Gluten Free Mouthwash

I never really think about mouthwash until I’m traveling and forget it. Then, only then, are you out at a restaurant or event, you feel that garlic creep up from the night before. Or what about that morning breath? Yikes. I’ve used plenty of different mouthwash varieties, but here are my top picks, including a… Continue reading »

Natural Ways to Feel Energized

Vitamin B12, Come Back, My Body Misses You

I’m struggling again. This time, not with controlling my celiac, and not with my hypermobility disorder (although that’s a constant struggle). I’m struggling with fatigue and energy. Because I’m struggling, I needed to recheck my nutrient deficiencies and once again I found that I am lacking some key nutrients – like vitamin D and vitamin… Continue reading »

Eco Products for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Finds

HAPPY EARTH DAY! April 22nd is the day that we should re-focus on how we live our life – as sustainably as possible, putting the Earth – and how we leave it – top on our priority list (or at least after keeping the kids and pets alive and well). But the cliche sticks –… Continue reading »