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Expo West 2017 Best Beverages

Best of Expo West 2017: Gluten-Free Beverages

Expo West is my favorite time of the year, a gluten-free new product Christmas. Every year, I try to find the newest, hottest products from the Best of Expo West that you’l see on store shelves soon, or in the upcoming year. I have several categories that I plan on presenting to you, along with… Continue reading »

My favorite squeeze

Celiac Awareness Month Day 31: Mamma Chia

It’s the LAST day of Celiac Disease Awareness Month! Man, this month has been CRAZY! We’ve been the butt of jokes (and I wrote about it for Living Without Gluten Free & More here) and we’ve had restaurants try to accommodate us but fail (I wrote about it here). But for 31 days we’ve been… Continue reading »

Owl's Brew Tea Mixers

Expo West 2014 Gluten Free Top Beverages

MY EXPO WEST EXPERIENCE My 2014 Expo West experience was an over-the-top, amazing, magical, and exhausting experience – just like it was last year. However, this year, I adjusted my game plan and started taking interviews and planning a month in advance of the Expo in order to get the skinny on all the newest… Continue reading »