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The GFree Radio Show: Erica at ICDS

Celiac and the Beast on The GFree Radio Show about ICDS 2013

Check out my FIRST appearance on The GFree Radio Show as I talked about several of the myths we busted at ICDS 2013. I start around the 5 minute mark. Just imagine the host as The Gluten-Free Fairy’s friend from home – diggin’ the accent! Click on the photo above for the link! Thanks to… Continue reading »

International Celiac Disease Symposium: MYTHS BUSTED

I think what I was most excited about at ICDS 2013 was the session about celiac and gluten-free myths. This session did not disappoint! There are so many myths (and just plain old wrong information and scare tactics) that we live in a world of fear and anxiety! I feel like every day I go online… Continue reading »

International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013 Schedule Update

ICDS 2013 MONDAY 8:15 CLINICAL: Welcome address from Dr. Guandalini 8:30 CLINICAL: Celiac Disease Today with Dr. Green and Dr. Fasanao (SWOON) 9:30 CLINICAL: How Gluten Could Be Bad For You Even If You Aren’t Celiac including “Wheat Toxicity Outside of Celiac Disease,” and “What if ‘Gluten’ Sensitivity is Instead a Problem with FODMAP?” 10:45:… Continue reading »

EVENT: International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013 ICDS

I can’t be more excited to go to ICDS 2013 Clinical Forum. It won’t be back in the US for another 10 years – that’s crazy! The ICDS 2013 will present two distinct forums, a Scientific Forum and a Clinical Forum. As per the website, the clinical part of the experience is designed for clinicians,… Continue reading »