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Dear Marketing Stop Being Dicks to Gluten Free People

Hey Party City, I’m Not Gross

God. I hate writing these blog posts. I’m in San Francisco right now and I’m sick. Not metaphorically sick of the fact that brands keep making fun of us, but like literally sick. Like blowing my nose into Boogie Wipes that are made for snotty sick kids, stuffing my face with Sudafed. But I’m here… Continue reading »

Gluten Detective Stool Test

Did I Eat Gluten? Gluten Detective At Home Gluten Detection Test

As you might know, I’ve been teasing something awesome coming out for the gluten-free community. The embargo is lifted, the product is launched, and I’m ready to introduce you to my partner, Gluten Detective.I had a chance to try Gluten Detective months ago, before they changed their name (that’s why my images from the big… Continue reading »

Gluten is my Nemesis SHIRT for gluten-free kids

Allergy Superheroes Gluten Free Giveaway

Let’s welcome ALLERGY SUPERHEROES to Celiac Disease Awareness Month with Celiac and the Beast. As you know, wheat is a top 8 most-common food allergy. While those with celiac need to avoid wheat and rye and barley, their products include both wheat and gluten! This prize is from Allergy Superheroes, who sells Food Allergy and… Continue reading »

Nima Sensor Unboxing

Nima Sensor Unboxed

It’s here you guys! That’s right, the Nima Sensor arrived late last night and I was so excited! I couldn’t unbox it until I got it on video, so today I finally got to crack open the box to see what’s inside. Watch the video to see what to expect when your Nima Sensor arrives…. Continue reading »

Coors Peak Gluten Free Beer

New Beer Releases: Coors Peak vs. Stone Delicious IPA

After our biggest post in a while all about pizza – we’ve got another major brand launching a major gluten-free product. And it’s quite the pairing. PIZZA AND BEER. Unfortunately, this “naturally gluten free beer” will only be sold in Seattle and Portland. According to AdAge, MillerCoors will start marketing a “naturally gluten free” version of Coors… Continue reading »

Courtesy of BuzzFeed -

My Response to BuzzFeed’s 14 Signs You’re Definitely Not Allergic To Gluten Article

Okay, take a moment and check out BuzzFeed’s most recent piece about gluten. I’ll wait right here for your mind to be blown. (Click the photo or click here) WHAT? WHAT WAS THAT?  1) Fat Tire (like the beer) is now producing content for BuzzFeed. That alone is weird. If you’re going to make branded… Continue reading »

Postino's "gluten free" bread

The Problem With Postino’s New “Gluten-Free” Bruschetta

Step 1: Receive an email from one of my previous favorite restaurants about gluten-free bruschetta. This restaurant was my jam – I went here for everything: dates, birthdays, happy hour, etc. The waiters used to know me. I used to get their bruschetta more than any other item at restaurants. And then I caught celiac (my… Continue reading »

Changing Hands #CATBbook Tour Stop

Phoenix Celiac and the Beast Book Tour Stop: Changing Hands 4/11

Come see me at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ on Friday April 11th! Not only will you hang out with me during my Phoenix hometown stop of my #CATBbook tour, but you’ll also help me celebrate my 31st birthday! And Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe might be bringing in some special treats to help us… Continue reading »

Upper-Middle Class Afflictions via Twitter: @TheGarance

Gluten is NOT a Rich Person’s Problem

Okay, so it’s kind of funny. I often complain about spotty wi-fi (especially at high-end coffee shops), and god knows I’ve complained about warm champagne. And no room for dessert, that’s just a travesty. But c’mon – how many times do we have to talk about how gluten is NOT a “rich person’s  issue” –… Continue reading »

Celiac and the Beast

Vendors And Marketers: Are you ready for a gluten-free consumer?

As I’m headed off to Natural Products Expo West, I want to make sure that the vendors are prepared for me. That wasn’t supposed to make me sound like a huge pain in the rear – because I can be, but that’s not what I’m talking about. They need to be ready for me –… Continue reading »