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Ground Breaker Brewing and Holidaily Brewing

Gluten Removed Beer Is Not Celiac Safe

I’ve written about gluten-removed beer before, but it’s always been a hot topic. When they came out, science really didn’t know what to say about it. The tests came back clean, but was the science behind the tests accurate? And how the hell would the average consumer realize what’s safe for them in a sea… Continue reading »

Don't Drink Gluten Removed Beer

UPDATED 2/2017: Review: Omission Beer

I have NEVER written a post that needed to have two additional revisions. Dear god. But, gluten-removed beer has been one of the most controversial topics I’ve seen during my years as a celiac. and for the TLDR answer: If you are a celiac, DO NOT DRINK Omission Beer and DO NOT DRINK other gluten-removed… Continue reading »