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The Best Gluten Free Pasta Celiac and the Beast

Best Gluten-Free Pasta

I recently embarked on a huge task with Gluten Free & More magazine. We tested over 40 brands of spaghetti, and a few other non-spaghetti thrown in there just to test the pasta brand, to find the best gluten-free pasta. We found 12 best gluten-free pasta varieties and you can find them all in the… Continue reading »

Schar Bonta d'Italia

Celiac Awareness Month Day 29: Schar

Today I’m highlighting Schar’s newest line of products – the Bonta d’Itlaia line! This line has frozen pizza, pasta items (like lasagna and tortellini), dessert, and boxed pasta. Schar was kind enough to ship me several boxes of their new boxed pasta and I’d love to give away a few of them to a lucky… Continue reading »

Easy pasta summer salad

RECIPE: Easy Summer Pasta Salad

  PREPARE THE PASTA 1 Package Gluten-Free Pasta. I’ve used Trader Joe’s brown rice pasta, or Schar brand, or any sort of penne, fusilli, rigatoni or elbow macaroni noodle. Prepare pasta as directed. While the pasta is cooking, wash then chop all of the vegetables and prepare the very easy dressing.  PREPARE THE VEGGIES 2 mini-cucumbers or one full-size… Continue reading »