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Food Allergy Awareness Week Twitter Party FABlogCon

Food Allergy Awareness Week FABlogCon Twitter Party 5/18

While May is Celiac Awareness Month, did you know that May 14th-20th is Food Allergy Awareness Week? I do not have a food allergy, but as you may know, I’m on the board for the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference¬†known as FABlogCon.¬†This conference has been life-changing for many who have attended it in the past. And… Continue reading »

Pascha Chocolate

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Pascha Chocolate #CDAM15

Let’s give a big round of applause to our second week’s sponsor – Pascha Chocolate! You may know Pascha Chocolate from food-allergy conferences, which is why they’re doing this week here on Celiac and the Beast. Did you know on top of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, it’s actually Food Allergy Awareness Week! Now, even though… Continue reading »

FARE's Food Allergies in the US

SPONSORED: Food Allergy Awareness Week 5/11-5/17 with Enjoy Life Foods

On top of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, this Sunday started the Food Allergy Awareness Week too! And if you know CATB, you know that we embrace our food allergy brothers and sisters just like that…brothers and sisters in the food allergy/sensitive community. I gained an even greater appreciation for these advocates when I went to… Continue reading »

Enjoy Life Foods team at Expo West 2014

Celiac Awareness Month Day 12: Enjoy Life Foods

If you didn’t see the tweets or posts yet – Enjoy Life Foods is this week’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month sponsor here on Celiac and the Beast! We’d like to thank Enjoy Life Foods for being generous to me, but also amazing for our food allergic and gluten-free community. Why are they amazing? Because their… Continue reading »