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#EatFreelyUSA Chicago

#EatFreelyUSA Tour Visits Gluten-Free Chicago

Up next in our monthly installment of #EatFreelyUSA sponsored trips with Enjoy Life Foods, we’re off to Chicago, IL! If you don’t know about #EatFreelyUSA, you can check out the first post about it HER#. To catch you up, Enjoy Life Foods is sending me and Keeley McGuire on a roadtrip across the country! We flew directly… Continue reading »

Hot Tea Toddy for #BlogHerFood15

Hot Tea Toddy for #BlogHerFood15

I hate when I get sick away from home. You never have anything you need to get better. Even if there’s a drug store nearby, some things you just can’t get on the road. This happened to me during my last set of work trips. Yes, I had zinc drops Thayer’s and Sudafed, but what… Continue reading »

Enjoy Life Foods Tour

My Trip to Enjoy Life Foods in Chicago!

I was just in Chicago on a special trip for celiac research and I decided to take a day off and just chill out in the Windy City. But, as you probably know, Celiac and the Beast can’t just take a day off without doing something epic. I was invited to come see the Enjoy… Continue reading »

International Celiac Disease Symposium: MYTHS BUSTED

I think what I was most excited about at ICDS 2013 was the session about celiac and gluten-free myths. This session did not disappoint! There are so many myths (and just plain old wrong information and scare tactics) that we live in a world of fear and anxiety! I feel like every day I go online… Continue reading »

International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013 Schedule Update

ICDS 2013 MONDAY 8:15 CLINICAL: Welcome address from Dr. Guandalini 8:30 CLINICAL: Celiac Disease Today with Dr. Green and Dr. Fasanao (SWOON) 9:30 CLINICAL: How Gluten Could Be Bad For You Even If You Aren’t Celiac including “Wheat Toxicity Outside of Celiac Disease,” and “What if ‘Gluten’ Sensitivity is Instead a Problem with FODMAP?” 10:45:… Continue reading »

EVENT: International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013 ICDS

I can’t be more excited to go to ICDS 2013 Clinical Forum. It won’t be back in the US for another 10 years – that’s crazy! The ICDS 2013 will present two distinct forums, a Scientific Forum and a Clinical Forum. As per the website, the clinical part of the experience is designed for clinicians,… Continue reading »


BlogHer ’13 Recap: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

BlogHer ’13 in Chicago this past week was my first experience with BlogHer conferences and any interaction with the brand outside of reading posts on their site. BlogHer is a publishing network for (primarily) women bloggers. Since I am a woman and I am a blogger – I thought this conference was a good place… Continue reading »

Intelligencia Coffee

Gluten-Free Chicago: Before the Expo (Pt. 1)

Many moons ago, before I started Celiac and the Beast, I scheduled a trip for two to Chicago to see one of my best friends and former coworker. She has been living out there for several months, and I haven’t had a chance to escape away from a very busy work schedule – but April… Continue reading »