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Canyon Bakehouse Stay-Fresh Packaging

Canyon Bakehouse Stay-Fresh Packaging

I’m pretty excited about Canyon Bakehouse‘s brand new innovation, their STAY-FRESH packaging! Their bread and bagels will stay fresh in this packaging 90 days from when it was packaged in their bakery! And I have a chance to try it out, since I received it at least 30 days ago – and have not put… Continue reading »

Canyon Bakehouse

#CDAM16 Weekly Sponsor Canyon Bakehouse Bread

Can you believe that it’s MAY? It’s MAY already you guys. But you probably know that, because you’re on here celebrating Celiac Disease Awareness Month, which started today – because it’s May!#OkayyousaiditalreadyitsMay We’d like to give a HUGE celiac-friendly welcome to our FIRST #CDAM16 WEEKLY Sponsor –  Canyon Bakehouse! If you don’t know Canyon Bakehouse, you need to get… Continue reading »

Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagel

FEATURE: Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels #CDAM15

A big hug and kiss to Canyon Bakehouse for being our weekly sponsor. Something that’s really cool about THIS week being their sponsored week is that they are officially launching one of my new favorite products of the year. At Expo West, you might have seen me chowing down on their new Everything Bagels. They… Continue reading »