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Best Gluten-Free Bread

Top 10 Best Gluten-Free Breads

I recently embarked on a huge task with Gluten Free & More magazine. We tested over 75 loaves of bread – around 80 I think – to find the best loaves of gluten-free bread. We found 20 best gluten-free breads and you can find them all in the Aug/Sept 2017 issue of Gluten Free & More… Continue reading »

Bread SRSLY at CDF Expo 2015

Bread SRSLY #CDAM17 Giveaway with Celiac and the Beast

Bread SRSLY is the most legit gluten-free sourdough ever. So legit in fact, I have become an affiliate for them, and you’ll find my affiliate links throughout this post. But I’m only an affiliate for the products I really believe in, and Bread SRSLY is the best. Period. Bread SRSLY sourdough is also vegan and free… Continue reading »


#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Bread SRSLY

Bread SRSLY is far and away one of the coolest brands I’ve had a chance to work with. And I’m proud to say that I’ve been here for years now, shouting from my rooftops about it. That being said, we welcome our next daily sponsor with open arms. Welcome, to Bread SRSLY. Bread SRSLY is… Continue reading »

Celiac and the Beast Instagram

Best Of Gluten Free – Friday 2/12

This email is the best of gluten free from Celiac and the Beast for the week! What’s up with Celiac and the Beast this week?  I’m in the middle of preparing for Natural Products Expo West. This is the biggest trade show (sorry, no consumers) of the year and this is where I get most… Continue reading »

Bread SRSLY at CDF Expo 2015

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Bread SRSLY #CDAM15

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It’s hump day and we’re ready to celebrate it, just like we’re celebrating every other awesome day this month – dedicated just to you! You asked for it on Instagram. So we made it happen for you! We’ve got a Bread SRLSY giveaway for one lucky winner this Celiac Disease… Continue reading »

GFAF San Francisco

Bread SRSLY The Best Gluten-Free Sourdough and Coupon Code

***EDITED 8/25 – Sadie just informed me that there are NO NUTS being used in the kitchen she produces the bread in – yay!****** No, but seriously – BREAD SRSLY is seriously awesome. I didn’t even know how much I needed gluten-free sourdough fresh-from-the-oven loaves until I met Sadie and Bread Srsly. And yeah, I’m… Continue reading »