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BlogHer 17 Speaker Brands and Bloggers Working Together in Food

I’m Speaking at BlogHer 2017 in Orlando! #BlogHer17

I’m speaking at BlogHer 2017 in Orlando, Florida this June! #BlogHer17 is going to be incredible, as BlogHer and BlogHer Food conferences merge back together into one big conference! CLICK THIS TO SAVE 20% OFF YOUR TICKET TO BLOGHER 2017! CLICK THIS TO SAVE 20% OFF YOUR TICKET TO BLOGHER 2017!I’m on a panel with… Continue reading »

Hot Tea Toddy for #BlogHerFood15

Hot Tea Toddy for #BlogHerFood15

I hate when I get sick away from home. You never have anything you need to get better. Even if there’s a drug store nearby, some things you just can’t get on the road. This happened to me during my last set of work trips. Yes, I had zinc drops Thayer’s and Sudafed, but what… Continue reading »

A Celiac vs. McDonalds

A Celiac and a Vegan Walk Into a McDonald’s Sponsored Party

It sounds like some sort of punchline to a joke, right? “A celiac and a vegan walk into a McDonald’s sponsored party and….BAH DUM CHING!” But it wasn’t a joke. I go to a lot of conferences and expos throughout the year, but most of them are gluten-free focused (Jen’s GFAF expos, Living WIthout Gluten… Continue reading »

Sheet Happens Angel SOft BlogHer 14

2014 BlogHer Sponsor Wrap-Up and Giveaway

Well, I just got back from another BlogHer. I think this photo of me and my friend Raquel sums up the event. We laughed, we cried, I vomited. There were ups. There were downs. There were parts that inspired, and there were parts that made us want to stand up and scream. Am I glad… Continue reading »

Muh Nails Did

Conferences & Expos As Told By The Cats

Everyone seems to be writing fun “this is what to expect” posts about conferences, and seeing as how I go to so many, I feel like I have a unique view on it. But throw that out the window, what do my CATS think about it? Picking out items to pack is the hardest part…. Continue reading »


BlogHer ’13 Recap: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

BlogHer ’13 in Chicago this past week was my first experience with BlogHer conferences and any interaction with the brand outside of reading posts on their site. BlogHer is a publishing network for (primarily) women bloggers. Since I am a woman and I am a blogger – I thought this conference was a good place… Continue reading »