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Beanfields Gluten Free Dairy Free Nachos

Beanfields Rice and Bean Chips #CDAM17 Giveaway

Welcome to our second sponsor of Celiac and the Beast’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month! Let’s give a big welcome to Beanfields! Beanfields Rice and Bean Chips are a crunchy way to get protein and fiber into your snacks. And who doesn’t love chips? The chips are vegan, certified gluten-free and are also free from top food… Continue reading »

Beanfields Giveaway with Celiac and the Beast #CDAM16

#CDAM16 Daily Sponsor Beanfields

We’d like to give you a big beans-beans-the-magical-fruit welcome to Beanfields bean and rice chips to the gluten-free party! Welcome Beanfields to #CDAM16 Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Thank you for being a daily sponsor. You may have noticed something new from Beanfields and that’s their BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING! Their new packaging really shows off… Continue reading »

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips Spring Giveaway

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips are a certified gluten-free chip packed with fiber and protein that actually tastes good too! They’re made from black beans and navy beans and organic brown rice – and they are the newest Celiac and the Beast sponsor! I’ve been eating these chips for years and just love them! They’re… Continue reading »

Best of Gluten Free Friday 2/19

Well, we’ve officially passed nasty colds to each other. I thought I was doing so well, using Clorox wipes on everything he touched, sleeping separately, not letting him cook. But then it happened – that tickling in the back of your throat. That moment you know that you’re getting sick. Now, I don’t blame Non-GFBF… Continue reading »

Newest Beanfields flavors

Celiac Awareness Month Day 19: Beanfields Snacks

Happy Monday from Beanfields! Not only is Beanfields our daily sponsor for DAY 19 – but they are our weekly sponsor! You might have seen our website chance to be All-Beanfields-24/7. We’re also hosting a TWITTER PARTY TONIGHT (Monday 5/19) at 5pm PDT/8pm PDT. In order to be able to win BEANFIELDS you’ve got to… Continue reading »


#CATB Beanfields Twitter Party Monday 5/19

Let’s Party With Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips! WHAT: It’s a party – a Twitter party to be specific. WHEN: Monday 5/19 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT WHERE: The interwebz! Join us on Twitter by following #CATB WHO: Everyone is invited, but those with celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are especially invited! WHY: Let’s celebrate Celiac Awareness Month in style with… Continue reading »

I Love My Way Better Snacks

Expo West 2014 Gluten Free Top Meals & Snacks

MY EXPO WEST EXPERIENCE QUICK RECAP My 2014 Expo West experience was an over-the-top, amazing, magical, and exhausting experience – just like it was last year. However, this year, I adjusted my game plan and started taking interviews and planning a month in advance of the Expo in order to get the skinny on all… Continue reading »