Pascha Chocolate + Celiac and the Beast TWITTER PARTY

We’re so excited to have our sponsor Pascha Chocolate back for another #CATBApproved Holiday season! We love Pascha Chocolate and their ever-expanding line of allergen-friendly gluten-free chocolate and chocolate-based items – like their new rice milk chocolate and Make Me Smile spread!

We can’t wait to party with you during our Very Chocolate Holiday Twitter Party on 12/13/16.

Celiac and the Beast Pascha Chocolate A Very Chocolate Holiday Twitter Party


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**DISCLAIMER: Pascha Chocolate is a paid sponsor for Celiac and the Beast.**


  1. I am most excited to hear I won a prize lol but mostly I would like to hear more about ideas on using the chocolate in recipes

  2. I am excited about so many things! Where to buy, what flavors are available, why I’m not eating these yummy goodies right now… 😉 I can’t wait ot chat!

  3. I want to learn about Pascha Chocolates and the fresh new recipes from Erica. I can’t wait to attend this fun twitter party. Spread the love💜

  4. Looking forward to awesome recipes, learn about what flavors they offer… pretty much anything that has to do with chocolate, i’m ready for 🙂

  5. Im curious as to how it tastes and how many different types are there?. Never heard of this before, am excited to learn more!

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