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Happy Monday! I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and a piece of gluten-free toasted coated in SunButter and jelly. Now, does my household have to avoid nuts? Definitely not. We incorporate nuts regularly into our proteins. However, I have made the switch to using SunButter instead of peanut butter every morning. I now prefer the taste of sunflower seed butter to peanut butter. You should try making the switch. Who knows, you may be like me and end up switching 4Life. #SunButter4Life


FACCWDW with Sunbutter
Yes, they do sell the product in tubs like this.

SunButter is today’s #CDAM16 Celiac Disease Awareness Month month-long celebrations and giveaways! Now, you might already know SunButter, but did you know that they just switched to a new roaster?  This means that the new roaster (eliminating any traces of soy), means a product that is now free from the top 8 allergens now! Learn all about it here: http://sunbutter.com/newroast/. Look for the new packaging (labeled “Now Soy Free” burst) near you!

#SunButter4Life SunButter Varieties #CDAM16
But what to put on my morning toast? SunButter offers are variety of products (see above) and it’d be really hard for me to choose my favorite. Here’s what SunButter offers:

Regardless of what variety you choose, they are all free from the top 8 allergens. SunButter is school safe because it’s free from peanuts and tree nuts. It’s safe for celiacs because it’s gluten free and made primarily from just sunflower seeds.

Photo credit: SunButter.com
Photo credit: SunButter.com – click to visit SunButter.com


Want to win a variety of SunButter jars? SunButter will be giving one lucky winner 5 jars of SunButter – one jar of each SunButter variety! It’s easy to enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below! Just follow the terms and conditions.

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**This is a paid promotional post with SunButter. Don’t worry, I’ll be using the fee associated with this post to just buy more SunButter. No joke, I use it every morning on my toast!**


  1. I already use SunButter quite a bit. I’m trying to phase out peanut butter because it’s a legume. I use it on toast, crackers, apples, you name it. 🙂

  2. I’m sure I could make the switch. I’d love to try sunbutter on toast or try dipping apples or pretzels!

  3. Yes, I could make the switch, but the rest of my household couldn’t. I would put this on anything I would put peanut butter on, toast, bagels, sandwiches, fruit and use it for baking also.

  4. I would make the switch to Sun Butter. I would eat it on toast first, and then move on to making my favorite Thai-inspired salad dressing and swap out he peanut butter in the recipe for Sun Butter! 🙂

  5. Oh boy that is such a hard question. I do love the creaminess and taste of Sun Butter, but there are a few peanut butter (special varieties) that I haven’t seen in Sun Butter yet, that are really good. I do love Sun Butter though, too.

  6. Love love love Sunbutter and we’re actually considering that Joshua might have a slight peanut allergy or that it’s flaring some skin issues. I gave him Sunbutter and GF pretzels the other day and he was like “WOW, why is this peanut butter so good?”
    This coming from a guy who lives on PB&J when I’m away. So yeah, we’re making the switch!!

  7. I have made the switch and love love love it! I love pair them with baby carrots or apple slices 🙂

  8. I’ve never tried SunButter, but as a teacher, it’s awesome to know there’s a safe product to keep at school when we have kiddos with nut allergies! I typically love a crunch in my (any nut ever) spread, so I’d love to take the Natural Crunch!

  9. My son has a peanut allergy, so I have already been making my own sunflower seed butter for years, but I’d really like to try this!

  10. I have tried Sunbutter in the past and I really liked it. I usually buy it when I need a change from peanut butter. My favorite way to enjoy it is right out of the jar.

  11. I have a nut allergy , so I found Sunbutter by looking for alternatives. I loved it so much I’ve been recommending it to everyone. It’s really delicious, everyone should try it.

  12. I would definitely switch to SunButter! I’ve tried this once before and really enjoyed it!

    I would put it on toast, gluten free english muffins, in smoothies and cookies and anything else that I could!

  13. I could make the switch from peanut butter to sunflower seed butter. I would put SunButter on everything I use peanut butter for … baking, cooking, snacking.

  14. Oh man, no, sorry, can’t make the switch to SunButter. If I win this contest I will give the prize to a friend.

  15. I could definitely make the switch, and the rest of the household would be fine with it too. It usually comes down to cost when we’re at the store, but when I can afford it I get it! I like it on toast with bananas.

  16. I have tried it and liked it from a sample I received. I would like to try more of the varieties since I seem to have developed a problem with peanuts recently (darn). But I really like sunflower seeds so this seems like a logical alternative!

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