Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest GFFAFest

The Austin GFFAFest – the Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest – took place last weekend.

Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest! It was pretty awesome to be able to do live TV and talk all about gluten. It was also pretty awesome to share my book with the great state of Texas again. And it was awesome to give two presentations about living gluten free to fest attendees. I feel pretty damn honored to be a part of this whole thing.

Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Hey, remember that I wrote a book about celiac disease? Sometimes I forget too. Buy it now on Amazon (shameless affiliate link plug)!

Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest


Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest with Enjoy Life Foods
So great to see the Enjoy Life Foods team again! And Non-GFBF is definitely happy I saw them because I came home with a suitcase packed with Plentils. They were a huge sponsor of the event. And no, they’re not wrapping up 210 lbs. of Plentils just for me. TSA wouldn’t go for that as my carry-on luggage…

Plenty of Plentils at Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Allie's DF Goodies at Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
We love seeing our FABlogCon friend Allie’s GF Goodies. They are certified gluten-free and pretty amazing. While I’ve had her creations before, Taylor from GlutenAway and I split a crumble cake and it was so buttery and rich (but butter-free) and served as my meal for most of the day!

Glutino Big Pretzels at Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Celiac and the Beast friends’ Udi’s and Glutino were another key sponsor of the event. Of course they were out of the world excited about their new Big Pretzels. I’m very proud of myself for only taking home one bag.

CATB sponsor, Beanfields bean and rice chips, showed off their brand new packaging, along with their new white bean with sea salt chips.

Bella Gluten Free
Bella launched their cups within the past year, and I have to say that the yummy blueberry scone mix looked like one of the best products on the show floor. They are certified gluten-free products – which I love. We’ve featured the roll cup from this line in past issues of Gluten Free & More magazine.

Gluten Free & More just launched their spring special issue – available now on newsstands and online too! I wrote a few pieces in here – a food trends piece and a piece about my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Daiya at Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Daiya was there with a wall of Cheezy Mac I just wanted to lay down on. Have you tried their gluten-free dairy-free mac and cheese yet? It’s one of my favorite. But you’ve got to like the taste of Daiya cheese. I’ve had people who can’t get into it, and I’ll say if you can’t do the cheese, you won’t be able to do the mac and cheese (seem obvious, I know). Also, try using less of the cheese sauce packet. I use about 3/4th of the packet and it’s awesome.

MyBread at Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Have you had MyBread? It’s pita bread guys, like real pita bread. Like, I could eat an entire package and not blink an eye, pita bread. I miss pita bread. Or should I say missed, because this is incredible. While the one pictured contains egg (DF/SF), there is also an egg-free version too that’s just as tasty. It’s also certified gluten free!

Pie Jacked at Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest
Ya’ll I love pie. I also like adorable pie that has crust shaped like Texas. How adorable is this? Pie Jacked is a vegan allergen-friendly pie company but they don’t ship yet and it breaks my heart. They’re so adorable and so good. I know I can make vegan/GF pie myself, but they do it way better.

Whole Note Bakery
Are you friends yet with Whole Note Gluten-Free Mixes? Their mixes are great, and they offer a good selection that are also dairy-free. They’re also pretty sweet adorable people, and you know I like supporting folks like that in the gluten-free industry.

Power Pasta
You know I love my Power Pasta. While there are plenty of brands that now do lentil pasta, I love supporting these guys. Give Power Pasta some lentil love!

There were so many awesome vendors at the show, it’s hard to capture all of them in one post. Here’s a list of more that I saw at the show that you might love too!


Coconut Bliss

King Arthur Flour

Freedom Foods

Modern Table Meals

Smart Flour



Blackbird Bakery


Purely Elizabeth

Merchant Du Vin (Greens beer)

And I got to see plenty of friends including the Gluten Away crew, Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest staff (I only get to see them a few times a year!) , Amy The Family Chef, Lisa Musician the Food Allergy Dietician, Kim The Food Allergy Mom, GF Jenna, April Gluten Free Austin, Sarah Girl Meets Gluten, Elyse and more! I left with a full heart!

How I pack after Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest


Want to win a box of noms from the Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest? It just so happens I have a box waiting for some lucky US resident! Follow the terms and conditions of the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!

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  1. I would love to try the Whole Note Gluten-Free Mixes! I love muffins, pancakes, waffles! Their products sound SO delicious!

  2. We went to the one in Tampa/Lakeland last year, but they didn’t come back to Florida this year. Our fave vendor was Coconut Bliss, had seen them in the health food store, but never tried them, and just fell in love with their amazing ice cream, I would run to their booth as fast as my legs would carry me.

  3. It sounds like a blast! I’m really hoping to go to one, one day. I think I’d like to see Enjoy Life the most. Oh, and anyone with cupcakes! I love me some cupcakes!

  4. So wish I could have been there and met you and some of the other folks that put the ‘Fest together. Thank you for sharing all this information and hosting the contest. I would like to try the MyBread and the Pie Jacked!

  5. A gluten-free food fest!?! Austin is just an hour’s drive from San Antonio and I would have loved to attend but, alas, didn’t know about it. As a celiac, I’m always looking for good gluten-free products so this fest would have been pure pleasure. Maybe I’ll win the sample give-away box !!! ?????

  6. the bella scone mix sounds like heaven! I haven’t been able to make suitable bisquits or scones, this item just might be what I’m looking for!

  7. The Austin GFFAFest does sound like so much fun. I would be excited to see and sample from everyone, especially Purely Elizabeth and Schar.

  8. My 6 year old son was recently diagnosed with celiac, so we are still figuring out what he likes and what he doesn’t. Any recommendations would be great! He is a typical kids who seriously misses donuts and brownies!

  9. I would have been excited about all of them but the whole note gluten free mixes would be a heaven send, seriously! I bake with my daughter often and the mixes make it so much easier for little unsteady hands, plus I also bake for her school almost every week for snack day and it’s nice having a non junk full treat that’s easy to make to take into the class.

  10. Honestly I would love to go to any GF expo! The big ones don’t come too close to me and if they come within a reasonable dostance I always have something major (oh like my wedding or a friends wedding). This would be an awesome opportunity to try products I do not get regular access to.

  11. Oh it all looks so good! So many new ones I have never heard of before. I am so excited to try the MyBread pita bread! Oh I really miss Pita Bread too!

  12. I Love Schar products, so I would love to sample more of their line!! I recently found their GF croissants at a gluten free market and they are to DIE FOR!!!!!! I about tear up everytime I eat them!

  13. There are always so many vendors at these. I would love to have sampled the mac and cheese from Daiya or the Pie Jacked. Just something different!!!

  14. My Bread! My husband misses pita bread so much! He was eating pita and hummus when friends and I picked him up for our first date. The local Lebanese restaurant makes GF pita on occasion but not very often.

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