Review: Gfreely Monthly Gluten Free Box

A while back, I connected with Gfreely because it was the first gluten-free box I had seen in the market and wanted to learn more. Now, I’ve seen several companies offer healthy (and often gluten-free) boxes for regular delivery – and I’m happy to say that this is the first one that I get to sample! Thanks Gfreely!

Apparently you can sign up for one box, or sign up as a subscription. You can find more about how it works here. There’s a new theme every month (like BBQ, etc.). The subscription is only $19 per month. When you sign up, every month you’ll receive a package worth $25 to $40 plus nutrition tips, recipes, and more! During this box, I had a recipe for gluten-free spiced nuts – how to roast, cook, and spice the nuts, etc. Although the recipe wasn’t something I’d try – it’s pretty cool that they add more stuff in to make the box exciting.

My Gfreely box came with amazing things! Almost all the products in here I have never seen before, and most that I have never tried before. This is a great idea for anyone who is new to gluten-free, or veterans to it that just need to find new products out in the GF market.

Way Better Snacks I was happy to find a product I did know, and that I liked, in the box. If you remember, Way Better Snacks, was recently featured on Celiac and the Beast here.

Half Pops Half Pops are exactly what they sound like – half-popped kernels of popcorn in two great flavors (currently – apparently there’s more to come). You can find them on I was so excited to see this product – I love all the half-popped popcorn pieces I find at the bottom of the popcorn bag! They were yummy!

The Good Cookies and Beyond They’re a a gluten-free bakery in Terrance, CA. You can find them at They’re gluten, dairy, and casein-free. They’re natural and organic. They do gluten-free cookie packaging for delivery – so please keep this in mind for my next birthday! :)

Kay’s Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks I also got a pack of the cinnamon toast protein pretzel sticks in the box. They were from a company called Kay’s Naturals. I wasn’t too fond of the flavor, but Non-GFBF didn’t mind eating the whole pack. However, this isn’t a product we’ll buy again.

Cruncha Ma Me This is very interesting – freeze-dried edamame! Apparently the dried edamame has been heated and destroys nutrients (so their website says), so these are more nutritious for you. Because they are freeze-dried, they have a very different texture than baked edamame snacks that I’ve had before! I ate them on the plane and really enjoyed them.

Good Bean These are interesting roasted chickpea snacks. I was really impressed with these. I’ve never roasted chickpeas, which is why I think I was so excited about them. I’m sure I could do this on my own – but who has time?  This is a fun product, and I wouldn’t mind buying them again! They make several flavors in the roasted chickpeas – but I’m interested in trying the cinnamon snacks.

I ate them in a dark room, so I took a photo with a flash on to show you what they looked like. My coworkers had a chance to try them out too and thought they were interesting! In a good way…at least I hope!

GoMacro’s Macrobar was up next. The Macrobar is a gluten-free macrobiotic bar that’s also organic, gluten-free and high-protein. The peanut butter chocolate chip flavor tastes like a less-tasty version of the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor of Larabar. I liked it, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again over my KIND bars or Larabars – but it depends on the price. BUT there are a lot of other awesome flavors – like almond butter and carob. I can’t wait to try the other ones that sound tasty. On their FAQ page they state, “We buy our oats from Gluten Free Oats in Wyoming founded by a family who has three generations of people with celiac disease.” Awesome!

Pastariso Also included was a Pastariso Instant Brown Rice Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Cup. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m saving it for a day when I’m really craving mac & cheese on the go, like at work.

Matt’s Munchies One of my favorite things I found in the new pack! Imagine legit fruit roll-ups (like pureed fruit ONLY), cut up onto little bite-sized squares – and laid out on a giant sheet like those sugar dots you ate on a roll as a kid. This is awesome. I really hope to try the other fruit snack flavors (including chocolate banana)! You can buy them online here.

And apparently after you receive your box, you can purchase items from the box for a limited time at the shop –

Obviously, I would recommend getting a gfreely box – of course! I had such a great time with this box – I found so many new products and out of the products I sampled, I liked most of them. If I were a gluten-free brand, I would love to be a part of something like this. I haven’t had a chance to compare this sample box to other gluten-free sample boxes yet, but this one seems pretty awesome.

4.5 out of 5. I’m not sure what could have made it a 5. I guess I could only really rate it a 5 if the box consistently had amazing samples of stuff over and over again. But I’d have to subscribe to the box to see that – and I just might!

Ratings: Four and a half wheat stalks

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  1. Stacey Ireson December 18, 2012 at 3:03 pm Reply

    thank you for this give away. Celiac and the Beast sent me to check this out. I would like to win this Gfreely box to share it with my daughter who has Celiac disease and I am GF. I enjoy cooking GF and finding new and exciting foods for us to try.

    thank you and happy holidays

  2. Wendy January 21, 2013 at 4:57 pm Reply

    I DO NOT recommend subscribing. You had much better luck with your box than did I. I received a 6 month subscription as a Christmas gift and the January box was absolutely terrible. There was a wasabi seaweed snack that my son, who likes both, said was terrible, vegan kale and ‘cheese’ chips where the stems of the kale were like tree twigs and had to be spit out – much like finding nutshells in a cookie only much larger and a complete turn off! There were two 1 ounce meat sticks, a 1 ounce trail bar and dried tortilla soup. These may be edible, but I am not holding out much hope.
    When I tried to unsubscribe; despite policy statements on both their website and Facebook page saying one can unsubscribe at anytime; they indicated that it wasn’t going to happen and my gifter would be out the $113 dollars for the 6 month subscription. Terrible ‘food’ and even worse customer service!!
    Do not subscribe – try a box and if you’re happy then maybe… but I would be very cautious.

    • Alex February 2, 2013 at 4:07 pm Reply

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for contacting us and providing your valuable feedback. We are sorry that you did not like the contents of the January box. Each month’s box is completely different, as our goal is to help people all over the world on a rather restrictive diet discover new items that they may enjoy. That being said, we are happy that we were able to resolve the issue and give you a refund for the gift subscription

      Again, we want to thank you for trying GFreely, and we apologize for any inconvenience or trouble you may have had.

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